Special Lithium Ion Battery Engineering Research Institute

Institute Introduction

Special Lithium Ion Battery Engineering Research Institute is founded by yobo电竞 . It is a special Li-ion battery industrial research and development center cooperating with Central South University, South China University of Technology and Dongguan University of Technology. The institute is adept at proven special Li-ion battery solution, such as low temperature charging and discharging technology, low temperature high-rate discharging technology, Li-ion battery fast charging technology, explosion protection technique, etc., which can meet the requirement of customer on special environment, special performance and special usage.

Purpose of the Institute

The institute is a coalition of college and enterprise devoted to research and development of battery technology. It aims to solve the usage issues under extreme environment and development & application issues of leading edge materials of energy storage, so as to provide the customer with customization solutions.

Technical Capacity of the Institute

Based on years of research and development, the institute has had proven special Li-ion battery solutions of fast charging technology, explosion protection technique, low temperature charging and discharging technology, low temperature high-rate discharging technology, etc. Besides, having proprietary intellectual property rights and several national patents, the institute has invented advanced Li-ion battery with 3~5C at -40℃, over 75% discharging capacity retention rate, and the battery can be recharged and re-discharged at -40℃.

Team Of The Research Institute

The expert team has expertise in measurement and control, electrochemistry, optical mechanic, power electronics, signal processing, instruments and apparatus, etc.

9 professors and experts, 2 associate professors, 12 middle and senior title engineers, 2 of who are from the national thousand talents program, 7 doctoral supervisors

  • Xue Jiaxiang

    Expert of Central South University, doctoral advisor

    Research direction:photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and its distributed power generation system, digitize switching power supply and intelligent control.

  • Zhou Gang

    Postdoctor of Central South University

    Research direction:high performance electrode material and lithium ion,explosion-proof, low temperature battery.

  • Li Chengchao

    Distinguished professor of Guangdong University of Technology

    Research direction:the designed synthesis of new energy materials and research of energy storage

  • Yuan Wei

    Professor and doctor of mechanical and automotive engineering of SCUT

    Research direction:hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, lithium ion batteries and other issues.

Technology Center

Since founded, yobo电竞 has built a stable, creative R&D team on Li-ion battery module system. Its development concept is regarding “integrated innovation” as purpose, being based on “project management”, depending on “elite team”, taking “unique technique” as platform, which greatly shows out the core competitiveness of “rapid response, better pursuit, customization, assurance”, so as to fully meet the special requirement of special product from special user, and keep create value for the user during special usage service.

Engineer Team

There are over 60 people in the core technology engineer team. They have expertise in industrial design, electronics, power supply, structure, technology, software, measurement and control, electrochemistry and other professional technical categories.

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