Alkaline Battery Leak On Skin – Introduction, and Safety

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All of us have different sorts of batteries present around us all the time. These different batteries are in different types, some are rechargeable while some are non-rechargeable. Similarly, some are dry batteries while some have acid in them. The issue is that if we use any of these batteries in the wrong manner they can leak.

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There is some sort of acid that comes out of the batteries, and it can be very dangerous for us. The type of battery we are going to discuss today is an alkaline battery. These batteries can leak and here we will tell you what can happen and how you can deal with the situation.

Is it dangerous to touch a leaking battery?

So, you have an alkaline battery that is leaking, or it has some sort of liquid around it that you suspect is acid from the battery. Well, the first thing that may come to your mind is that touching this liquid will hurt you. Most people have the mindset that battery acid is very dangerous. This idea comes from the acid batteries that have sulfuric acid in them.

Although it is in diluted form, it is still not safe to touch. It is the reason why most battery liquids are feared to be touched. When it comes to alkaline batteries, touching the leaking one can be dangerous for you. The following are some of the side effects of touching a leaking alkaline battery.

Contact dermatitis

It is a condition where there is a temporary irritation on the skin. There could be redness and discomfort. However, the good thing is that none of it is permanent, and it takes some time to go away on its own.

Chemical burn

While contact dermatitis is not that severe of an issue, chemical burns can be severe by several means. A chemical burn does not show up right away so immoderately telling if you are going to get it or not is not possible.

Usually, it takes between hours to minutes to show the symptoms and the following are some of the symptoms of chemical burns from a leaking battery:

Irritation on skin

Blackened or dead skin

Redness on skin

With all of these things happening to your skin, you must understand how dangerous it is to touch a leaking alkaline battery.

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What do you do if you spill battery acid on your skin?

Knowing that you have spilled battery acid on your skin is as important as it is to know how you are going to react. The way you react to this situation can define the amount of damage that the battery acid can do to your skin.

There are different things to do, some are good while some can make the issue get worse. So, here we will be elaborating on how you can deal with the situation.

Immediate First aid Treatment Method

Getting the right type of first aid is important because it can immediately reduce the effect that acid is going to have on your skin. So, here is the proper first aid method that you need to follow after you spill battery acid on your skin.

Things Required:

The things that you may need for first aid treatment for alkaline battery acid on your skin include nothing but an unlimited supply of lukewarm water.

The Steps You Need to Follow:

Once you have spilled acid from on your skin you need to follow these steps to ensure fewer chances of some severe damage.

The first thing you need to do is to flush the area with lukewarm water. Doing this for at least 30 minutes is recommended.

It is also recommended to remove any sort of accessories, jewelry, watches, or clothing from the affected area because it can make things worse if reacted with the acid.

The last thing you need to do after 30 minutes of rinsing with lukewarm water is to wait. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes for any symptoms of chemical burn or acid reaction. If the burning continues during this period keep rinsing with clean water and make sure to get professional assistance as soon as possible.

Battery acid on skin. How to Treat a chemical burn?

There are several effects of getting battery acid on your skin and chemical burn counts are among the worst ones. It is a situation where your skin immediately will not show any symptoms but once time passes the symptoms start to appear and it can be very difficult for an average person to withstand the situation.


So, if you ever have to face such an issue here is what you are going to do. Before starting the treatment, the process here is a list of the symptoms of getting chemical burns because of battery acid on your skin:


Irritation and burning sensation


Pain around the area



Blackened or dead skin and some others as well

Treating Chemical Burn

If you ever get chemical burn because of getting the alkaline battery acid on your skin, then you first need to ensure that you are avoiding these things:

Leaving the skin unattended

Rubbing or scratching the area

Not removing any clothing or accessories

Not getting professional assistance

Steps for Treating Chemical Burn

Follow these steps for treating chemical burns on your skin that are caused because of alkaline battery acid touching your skin.

The first thing you need to manage is a lot of clean water. Not adding any soap or anything to that water is necessary.

Remove any clothes or accessories from the affected area.

Keep rinsing for about 20 to 30 minutes

Get professional assistance and get the area dressed.

Once you get professional assistance make sure to get the dressing instructions and dress the affected area for as long as the professional tells you to. In this way, the chemical burns will be treated in the best manner.


Getting battery acid on the skin can be a painful experience. However, if you deal with the situation with an active mind then you can make things less painful for you. So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and steps for the safest treatment of battery acid on your skin.


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